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    Hiding current page only seems to make invisible or shows view of master page?

    andypaterson Level 1

      I have a button that is as follows:-


      runs a few validation checks blah blah then ......





      this.resolveNode("Page3").presence = "visible";

      xfa.host.currentPage = 3;

      this.resolveNode("Page1").presence = "hidden";



      So on click it goes to page 3 - that's fine, but it only seems to set the current page to invisible, as it leaves behind a blank page/master page to view?


      I have tried to include




      but this has no effect.


      If i place a similiar button hiding Page1 outside Page1 then there is no problem, it hides and is taken right out of the form as i am hoping with the button sitting inside page1.