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    Moving RH6 from WindowsXP to Virtual version of XP on Windows7


      Hi All,


      Currently, I have been using RH6 on WindowsXP but very soon i am getting a new PC with Windows7. Since RH6 doesn't work on Windows7 our network person suggested that he can install a virtual version of XP on Windows7 for me to use RH6.

      Well, first i would like to know if anybody has experience using RH6 on the virtual XP and if it worked fine for them or they encountered any problems.

      Secondly, i am really nervous about uninstalling RH6 from my current machine (of operating system WindowsXP) and installing it on the new machine (using virtual version of XP), i don't want RH6 giving any problem. On my current machine, RH6 is connected to Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS). Can anybody send me the clear steps to follow or direct me to the site where clear steps for uninstall/install are provided. Is there anything i should save before uninstalling or if i should rather first install on the new machine and then uninstall from my current machine, things like that...

      Your help will be highly appreciated.