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    Buttons disappear when security is set?

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      Has anyone else seen this?


      I create a PDF document from InDesign with buttons. There are three buttons on each page. One goes back to page 1. One goes to the previous page. One goes to the next page.

      No problem. They appear correctly.


      Then I apply complete password security options for no printing, no modifying, no copying—nothing except reading for screen readers.


      As soon as I do, the button for the next page on page 3 disappears. There is a hotspot in the area, but clicking it does nothing.


      And all the buttons on the rest of the pages disappear.


      The same problem happens when I create the security in InDesign.


      I'm able to fix it by duplicating the buttons that do appear on the pages.


      But it's a pain.