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    Why are the adjustment layer controls grayed out?

    Clive Weeks

      I have used an adjustment layer in CS5 and when it was first used I could adjust everything.  Now most of the controls have grayed out and whilst I can slide the sliders I can not type figures in nor use the radio buttons!  Why has it locked me out?  It has happened on a few images and with both Colour Balance and Hue and Saturation Layers.

      controls grayed out.jpg

      The image above shows the problem with the top Colour Balance layer where I can not select Shadows or Highlights, nor type in figures for the sliders BUT I can slide them and change the tick on Preserve Luminosity!  The basic image being edited is an 8-bit RGB file. 


      Adding a new adjustment layer (Colour Balance) on top of this one initially showed the same problem but after adding 3 more new adjustment layers suddenly eveything came back to fully working again - even the original problem layer!

      This problem keeps happening with some of my images.  It is happening on all 3 of our photoshop PC's, so it looks like a basic PS bug.  Has anyone else seen this or know why it happens?