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    Which file type to use for editing


      I recently filmed a school talent show to create DVDs for the parents. I'll be using PrE 9 to edit. I understand the output for the movie will need to be MPEG2 for the DVD. We used three different cameras (I know this is a bad thing to do with PrE), but we used what we have available. Though, we did use a GoPro Hero2 mounted on the piano to give a unique perspective. Consequently I need to convert the video files into a common format for editing. Is there a "best" file format to edit in or is there a file format that is easiest to work with in Premiere Elements while maintaining the best quality for the DVD output?


      Here is what we used:

      Camera 1 (with the audio track from the sound board) was a Canon Vixia HF300. It exported in the dreaded .mts format (half the show at 24mbps and half at 17mbps)

      Camera 2 was a Nikon 5100 as .mov files, 1920x1080, H.264, Linear PCM, Total bit rate 19k

      Camera 3 was a GoPro Hero 2 recorded .mp4 1280x780 H.264 Total bit Rate 15k


      Since the aspect ratios are not equivalent, I plan on using black bars as opposed to cropping.


      I'm editting on an Apple MacBookPro 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8gb RAM running OSX 10.7


      Also, should I use Quicktime to convert these files into the common format I choose? Ironically, all this footage is editable in iMovie, but iMovie is horrible for multi-camera.