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    Email Forms


      I am creating a flash website, and on the last page I need to do a contact us page with a form that includes Name, Email, Subject and Message with a submit button.  I have already created the boxes with the TextInput from the components panel, and the Submit button from the components panel as well using the Button.


      I have given my text input lines instance names already. 

      Name "name_txt"

      Email "email_txt"

      Subject "subject_txt"

      Message "message_txt"

      Submit Button "bSubmit"


      From there I am lost.  I am unsure about the coding I need to input.  What do I do from here to make my form work and have it emailed when the Submit button is clicked?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will need to create a server-side script (PHP is often used for this) and code your Flash file to send the data to the server-side script so that it can collect the variables and meld them into an email that it sends.


          How you code the Flash file depends on which version of Actionscript your file is set up for.  If you need help finding the right code, try Googling using terms like "AS# PHP send email tutorial", where you substitute 2 or 3 where the "#" is.