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    Photoshop CS6 has started crashing on startup, and now PS CS5 has stopped working

    tomaugerdotcom Community Member

      Superstition was working great on my Win7x64 for a number of weeks. Recently however, it just crashes on launch. Loads up, UI fills the screen, and then the "Photoshop Has Stopped Working" dialog box comes up.


      Problem is Photoshop 12 has stopped working as well. This is a much bigger problem, because now I have no Photoshop on this computer and it's a bread-and-butter. I'm in the process of uninstalling 13 and then I'll remove and re-install 12, but if that doesn't solve it, I'm going to need a deeper purge.


      In the meantime, any hacks or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


      My GPU is a dual  nVidia 9900 GTX, sometimes in SLI configuration, sometimes not. Either way, el crasho.


      Oh, other Adobe apps work fine. It's only PS. Has there been any reported issues with the latest nVidia drivers (I'm running up-to-date drivers)?