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    Google Chrome Frame breaks popups:  How to add meta tag to master frame?


      We have an application that requires Google Chrome Frame (GCF) to render AJAX screens in IE8. This has created some problems for us with our RoboHelp documents.  We have worked out most of the navigation issues we found with GCF but we have not been able to get RoboHelps pop ups to work.  For example the following popup reference will not work with GCF installed.  If the GCF is not installed the pop works just fine.


      <a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('../TipsHintsInstructions.htm',400,300);" id="a2">Tips/Hints/Instructions</a>



      One workaround to this problem is to use the GCF meta tag (see example below) in the master frame document that is generated by RH.  When GCF plugin is enabled the popup works correctly. 



      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">



      The problem with this approach is that we need to manually edit the master frame every time we update our documents. 


      Here are my specific questions:



      1. Does anyone know of way to fix the RH popup problem with GCF installed?


      2. If we don’t have an answer for question 1, does RH allow a user to add a generic meta tag that is added during the RH compilation process to the master frame document?  If the application can't do it, can we manually edit a template that would include this master tag every time RH updates the infosource documents?



      Thanks in advance for any help on this question.