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    incopy/indesign version compatibility question

    starcade design

      Hi all,


      I feel like this should be something easy to find in Adobe's information, but I couldn't find it.  Maybe I'm just slow.


      OK, we are a small (free) weekly newspaper.  The person who puts the paper together uses InDesign CS5.  We do not currently have InCopy.  We would like to get InCopy for one of our editors, to work with in the documents made by the person with InDesign CS5. 


      My question of course being...since we can apparently only buy InCopy CS6 now (maybe 5.5 if we really hurry) will it be able to work with the older version of InDesign, or would our InDesign need to be updated to CS6 as well?


      Being a small free paper, we cannot afford to do that...thus my question.  While I understand I could have called an Adobe rep, I don't have time to deal with a sales person at this point, just trying to gather information for my boss.