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    Create checkbox from Chart in ActionScript

    JorAndra026 Level 1

      Hi all. Have a little problem hope someone has already solved it.


      So i have 2 ArrayCollections with a same format but diferent data:


      public var santiagoPast:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([

                {Month:"Ene", Fee:1000, Kiosco:10, Web:256, Movil:87, No_detectado:6, Sin_informacion:10},


                {Month:"Dic", Fee:195, Kiosco:320, Web:100, Movil:33, No_detectado:5, Sin_informacion:5}  



      public var santiagoNow:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([

                                  {Month:"Ene", Fee:800, Kiosco:10, Web:256, Movil:87, No_detectado:6, Sin_informacion:10},


                                  {Month:"Abr", Fee:600, Kiosco:78, Web:234, Movil:78, No_detectado:32, Sin_informacion:8}



      So with them, i create a Multi data chart via ActionScript. The first data: "santiagoPast" will be LineSeries and the second one: "santiagoNow" will be ColumnSeries.


      Then, also via ActionScript i create a checkbox for each serie. That way, the user can check or uncheck to show or hide that serie in the chart.


      Im trying to not to create a checkbox for the ColumnSerie, but the only way that ir works is when i create a checkbox for all the series. The code where i create the checkbox is this:


      private function crearcheckbox():void{


                            for each(var serie:Series in linechart.series){

                                      var combo:CheckBox = new CheckBox();

                                      combo.data = serie;

                                      combo.id = serie.id;

                                      combo.label = combo.data.yField;

                                      combo.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, cambio);






      And i tried changing the for each(var serie:Series in linechart.series) to for each(var serie:LineSeries in linechart.series) but doesnt work.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for your time!