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    Feature request: Exclude parts of the image from the gradient tool

    Joe_Mulleta Level 1

      As the title says:


      I would like to see the possibility to exclude objects from a gradient in ACR preferably with an adjustment brush that offers auto-masking (like the regular adjustment brush in ACR).


      The idea behind it is pretty simple:


      Gradients, like when using physical GNDs in front of your lens, only work with a straight horizon. Of course you can use one with a soft edge, but there may be still a tree or a skyscraper that reaches into the then darkened sky that you want to keep well exposed.

      With such a brush one could exclude that tree or that building from the gradient. Having this would be much more straightforward then using the Adjustment brush to darken the sky, because the processing time of a gradient is magnitudes faster than that of the adjustment brush (which is painfully slow) to - that is critical when handling hundreds of high res RAW files for each timelapse sequence.


      Is that something that could be considered to be implemented?