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    Conditional build for chm and printed doc produce different outputs

    MM Acton Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML


      In my TOC, I have two "books" of topics that I want to exclude from output because the topics won't be required at this time.


      I right-clicked each book in the TOC and applied a condition ("Defer").


      1. For the HTML Help (.chm), I made my build expression say NOT Defer and NOT Comment.
      2. I generated the help.


      The two books (and their topics) were excluded, as I expected.


      1. For printed documentation (.doc), I made my build expression say NOT Defer and NOT Comment and NOT Online.
      2. I generated the Word doc.


      The two books were NOT excluded; they appeared in the printed doc.


      The workaround is to delete them from the Chapter Layout window when I generate the printed doc, but I expected that since my build expression said to NOT include them, that they wouldn't be included.


      Is my method wrong, or is it my expectation?