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    Adobe - Question about quality of support


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      Grave concerns about using Adobe based on quality of support. Frankly, in 23 years of IT I have yet to experience anything quite as bad.

      Can someone advice me if the response time is measured in days or weeks to basic questions?

      I genuinly feel Adobe is adding risk to my corporate project and need to take proactive measures tomorrow so that it maintains track.


      Thanks in advance



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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Kevin, what types of basic questions?  If you connect with Adobe cust. service using chat (see the "Contact" link at bottom of this page), the response is nearly immediate.

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            I have to agree with Kevin -


            I created a forum thread for an Encore issue that is very frustrating at:



            I got prompt responses from other forum members, but unfortunately no solutions and I'm now left with not being able to create bluray discs for my HD recordings.


            I then called Adobe Technical Support and created a case - 0183463838 - and I was told to expect a response in 24-48hrs by a senior engineer!!!


            I've never heard of a 24-48 hour inital response anywhere in the IT industry. I must say Adobe Technical Support is setting the 'standard' here!!


            If I call Adobe Technical Support on their 800 number, the team that answers does not seem to have a level of expertise that would enable them to solve the problem right away or be able to offer significant things to test/try - granted that this is my second interaction with Adobe Technical Support - the first incident 0183341797, I solved myself while on the phone with them - I even had them correct one of their techdocs.


            I have purchased the CS6 Production Premium suite - I expected a better 'minimum'/initial level of support.



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              Nanda_KP Level 1

              sorry about the post in the wrong forum her e- but this is the only relevant Adobe Forum thread that I found from a Google search for 'Adobe support quality'

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                ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Glad to read in your other thread that it got sorted out Nanda...



                13.  By: Nanda_KP,

                Jul 29, 2012 11:12 PM   

                in reply to Nanda_KP


                Finally got Adobe Support to remote connect to my system and the problem was resolved when in Encore, on the Build tab, the .Stereo1 file (from AME) is left with Bluray Transcode Status=Untranscoded and Bluray Transcode Settings=Automatic.


                If I do a Locate Transcoded File for the .Stereo1 file and I pick the same .Stereo1 file as I used to in CS5.5 - the Bluray Transcode Status value changes to Transcoded and then the Build fails.


                Adobe Support suggested to leave it at Untranscoded and Automatic.