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    Data Merge with Blurb Template Creator?


      Apologies if this is really obvious, but I'm very new to InDesign. I've managed to learn a lot of the basics but I just can't work this one out.


      I'm attempting to make a personalised diary, to be printed by Blurb. On each page, I need the day / date at the top and a message / quote at the bottom (with a little bit of information about the writer of each message / quote), plus any holiday that falls on that day (if applicable). I'm compiling all of this data in an excel file.


      I've tested the Data Merge out with a comma delimited file, and it worked perfectly when I made the text frames within a document (following this tutorial). However, I need to use the Blurb template creator in order for the book to print correctly, and this only allows me to make a book with 20 pages or more (rather than a document). If I put the frames on the first page, 'create merged document' gives me a file with Day 1, followed by 19 blank pages, followed by Day 2, etc. If I put the frames on more than one page, I get a merged document that has the same day on multiple pages. I have also tried deleting all but one of the pages - this worked a little bit better, but every page was a single page spread. Obviously I need each page to be part of a double page spread, with slightly different layouts for the pages on the right and left.


      Is it going to be possible to use Data Merge for a project like this, or am I going to have to add the information for each day manually?


      Any help that anyone can give me will be very appreciated! Thanks in advance.


      (I hope this is clear enough, I'm not the best at explaining things! I'm using InDesign CS5.5 and my operating system is Windows 7.)