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    Bug: Selection Behavior

    NeedsLoomis Community Member

      It seems in some situations the select tools will "clear" instead of deselect.  Can anyone reproduce?  Is this a "feature"?


      To reproduce:

      1.  Make a selection

      2.  Free transform the selection

      3.  Subtract from the selection


      CS6x64 windows 7. 

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          HowardPinsky ACP

          Are you making sure you have the "Subtract from selection" button active on your Options Bar? Alternatively, you can hold down Alt/Option to subtract.

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            Pete.Green Adobe Employee

            Maybe the mouse is somehow throwing a second click that isn't either add or subtracting?


            Like Howard says, you can hold Alt/Option down for selection subtraction, or the Shift key while selecting to add to a selection.

            Holding neither modifier down can result in a new selection trying to be created thus clearing the current selection.

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              NeedsLoomis Community Member

              Here's a video, hopefully this will help show my issue a little better



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                HowardPinsky ACP

                I'm assuming the 40 second mark is what you're referring to. By the looks of it, you performed a single-click in the center of the selection. A quick single-click will typically perform a deselect. Make sure you're clicking/dragging in a nice smooth motion.

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                  NeedsLoomis Community Member

                  The deselection was manual.  I am referring to the 28 second mark.  When part of the selection "Clears" as in Edit>Clear, not clear as in "Deselect"


                  When I try to subtract from my selection after a free transform, it literally subtracts from the image, deleting any part of it under the selection marquee.




                  I tried this again on a different machine with CS 5.  The results were consistent, so I assume this is a feature of some sort, although an incredibly confusing one.  (Perhaps a long standing bug?)

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                    HowardPinsky ACP

                    Ah! I now see what you mean, and I'm able to reproduce it. Although, I don't know if this is as designed or not. After performing a transformation, subtracting using a selection method definitely deletes the drawn out area.

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                      NeedsLoomis Community Member

                      Weird isnt it?  Interested in seeing the official answer...

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                        R_Kelly Community Member

                        I don't believe that's a bug, but the expected behaviour because your transforming the contents of your selection, not just the selection itself. (at least that's how it's worked for the last several versions of photoshop)

                        When your transforming the contents of a selection it turns into a floating selection (a temporary invisible layer, you can't see this on newer versions of photoshop)

                        Your actually transforming the pixels (cutting them from the layer if you will)

                        Even after you commit the transform but leave the selection it's still floating, so that's why subtracting from the selection actually deletes the pixels.

                        Once you deselect (defloat), then the invisible layer merges back down into the original layer.



                        You should use Select>Transform Selection if you just want to transform the selection itself, and not the contents inside the selection.

                        Or after you make the selection use Layer>New>Layer via Copy.


                        Set your background color in the toolbox to red and then try the same with a more rectangular shape to see this more clearly.


                        Photoshop 4:




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                          NeedsLoomis Community Member

                          Interesting.  So why does photoshop still consider the layer "floating" even after the transform is committed?


                          Also, I noticed you can get the same effect by using the move tool as well.