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    What is the Text Book correct way to do a spot uv merging multiple applications and exporting from 1


      I am unsuccesssfully finishing a project using Spot UV and about to start another.  I want to start this one out the Text Book correct way.  Here are the details.


      I have logo's coming from Illustrator that I want to have a spot UV on

      I have photos coming from photoshop that I want a spot UV on

      I have a design element in In Design that I want a spot UV on


      What is the Correct way to get everything into In Design have it output to a PDF that a printer could use and a second one that I could use for the Web that does not show the spot uv


      A note is that the last project I followed all the tutorials on the web that say to use channels in photoshop to make my spot UV that in the end I think is causing me a lot of headaces right now. 


      Thanks in advance