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    2 Questions: Basic Shape / Go to Master Page

    Erik Y.

      Hi. My questions revolve around InDesign CS4 for Mac.

      Specs: PowerMac G5, 1.8Ghz, 4GB ram, 435GB hd, OSX 10.5.8, IDCS4, Suitcase Fusion 2 (if any of that matters).


      I have a basic shape question that is perplexing me. I'm a 12 year QuarkXPress user who converted to ID CS4 last year by choice (to gain the experience under employ) so there are things here and there that cause me confusion.


      In any case my question is this. How can I convert a rectangle frame to a perfect square frame?


      Specifically, if I drop in an image, and the frame is rectangular how can I make it a perfect square using keyboard shortcuts? I realize I can create a new frame and constrain proportions as I draw it to get a perfect square, then cut and then paste the image into that, or I can transform the frame by entering equal values in the transform panel or control palette. Which would answer my question if this was not something XPress can do effortlessly.


      If you draw a shape (box) in XPress and then hold down the SHIFT key XPress will immediately transform the shape into either a perfect square or circle depending on which tool you are using. Release and you have a perfect square or circle. But you cannot seem to do this in ID after you have already drawn an rectangle?


      Is there any way around this that does not involve multiple keystrokes or drawing a new frame?


      Second question. Anyway to go direct to master pages without having to use CMD+J and then enter the MP letter? In XPress OPTN+F10 will take you directly there and directly back.


      P.S. Not trying to start an XPress/ID discussion. Just trying to learn this program and XPress is the only reference I have.


      Thanks for any advice/tips in advance.