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    Flash NavBar isn't working Properly

      I have a question about Flash that could possibly be solved very easily, but I have no clue what the problem is. I’ve been looking in forums and in the Flash Bible for days and I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong.

      Basically, I have created 2 different Flash navbars in Flash 8 (in AS2) and they are both live on two different
      websites. On various computers, the navbars fail to work (they are buttons and the buttons do no ‘getURL’ like they are supposed to). What is weird is that they work on some computers, and some they do not.

      I was wondering if maybe it had to do with the version of ActionScript I have used… should I update it to match AS3? It was made in Flash 8.0, and I already tried opening it in Flash CS3 and converting it to a CS3 file but when I uploaded again to the server it still didn’t work.

      Maybe this has happened to one of yall, or it could be a common mistake!

      Please help, and if you want to check out the navbars live there is one on

      tell me if it works for you or not! Thank you
      Jake B.