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    How to "unlock" a book?


      Once and for all, can someone tell me how to "unlock" a book on my LookBook ereader? I downloaded a book from my local library. I can read it on ADE on my laptop, but on my Lookook, I can see the cover but when I click it, I get this message: "The content you are trying to view is locked. Please user [sic] your Adobe ID to authorize your ereader to view content protected with Adobe Mobile Ereader Technology"


      my ereader is authorized with my email address. Why can I read the book on my laptop but not my LookBook? I have had this problem with nearly every book I download.

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          I think you're running into some digital rights issues.  Publishers,

          libraries and distributors, to name a few, can assign digital rights to

          epublications that will limit the ability to transfer or copy or print

          them.  If this is the case, there's not much you can do.  This happens

          often with ebooks you purchase, but not always.


          Open ADE on your computer and go into Library mode.  Put your cursor on the

          small arrow next to the name of one of the ebooks that's giving you fits on

          your Lookbook.  When you click on it, a small drop-down box will appear.

          Click on 'Item Info' and a screen will display information about that

          ebook.  In the middle of that screen will be the digital rights assigned to

          it.  I'm not a betting man, but I'd expect to see that copying the ebook is



          Without debating the relative merits of whether an ebook should carry such

          restrictions, it's the way that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000

          has been implemented.  And it's not just ADE.  Bluefire Reader, Calibre and

          Overdrive also manage digital rights the same way.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks, but that doesn't help. Item info says "Allow viewing on any device until May15" but I still get the "locked" message on my LookBook.

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              Your computer sees the ebook; ADE lets you display the values in the

              ebook's header.  So it would appear that ADE is working OK.  I have to

              think that the software on the Lookbook is not working properly in this

              case.  Have you updated the software to the latest level at KOBO?