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    Text Editing

    sbjenks Level 1

      Upgraded to PE10.  64 Bit Win 7.  I've created a Black Video title and placed it on the project's timeline.  Click on the timeline title frame, then click on the title text in the monitor viewer and PE will not select the text.  Tried "outling" the title with a new new box - text is still not available for editing.  Tried this in both Timeline and Sceneline views.  What am I missing?  Update:  I am able to edit text added to normal video clips.  Seems like the re-editing difficulity may be only related to the use of the PE supplied "black video" background stills.  I guess I can create my own black media and get around this issue.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Double-clicking on the title clip on the timeline will re-open the title in the Titles editing workspace. (You must be in Timeline mode to do this. You can't do it in Sceneline mode.)

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            Nash_John Level 3

            What i understand is that you are not able to edit your already added title.

            If this is what you want, then you just need to first select your title and then double click it.

            It will open the title editor.

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              sbjenks Level 1

              Thank you Stephen.  That seems to work find now.  Funny, I thought I had tried that!


              I am noticing another quirky text / title related thing in this version 10.  Perhaps the same condition may have existed in Version 9, but it has been several months since I used the software and I can't remember for sure.  What I am seeing is this:  Let's say I add a text title to a video clip, render the work area, and, later, bring that same clip and text for editing.  Suppose I simply want to move the title somewhere else on the frame.  Then I render the work area, and allow the video to play through.  The title has not changed position.  Now, if I perform the same steps again, only this time, after moving the title, I also delete and replace one of the title's text characters.  I then render and replay the clip.  Now the title has assumed the correct position on the frame. 


              Seems to me the programmers have not allowed for the simple repostioning of a text title to constitute a real change and therefore are not writing that change out to disk.


              If, in fact this is a bug, does Adobe have in place a procedure for us common folk to report these issues?

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Could be that you've found a bug.


                You can report it on this page: