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    Acrobat 10.1.3 Update causing Windows7 CoreDump

    J Waggoner

      Can't use Acrobat 10.1.3 post update.  First noticed problem when using MS Office plugins (v2010 - windows update active-so all latest patches installed); tried saving documents into PDF; caused windows 7 crash every single time.  Tried opening Acrobat; first few times was able to do so, but it crashed (bringing OS with it) after a few minutes - doing nothing but searching menus.  Now, if I open acrobat or distiller, the OS is brought down.  Crash behavior is a lockup for ~ 30 seconds followed by OS crash adn blue screen.  Running windows 7 professional, Adobe Acrobat Standard.  I've run virus scans and full battery of MS diagnostics on computer with no problems detected.  Machine is < 6 months old and has 8GB of RAM.  Behavior repeats when no other overt applications are running and background memory consumption is sitting around 1.4GB.  Anyone seen this; have any suggestions?