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    How to use site importer in cq5.4



          i m trying to use site importer by reading the blogs  and tutorials but unbale to fetch the pages as per directed.Can anyone have idea about how to use this feature.I m using cq5.4

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          Did you go to CRXDE Lite, "Tools" > "Import Site..." ?

          Can you try again and post some errors prints?

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            webcoholic Level 1

            Hello Matheus,

                          I import the site page.But my issue is if i have a website of 100 pages how can i import that site with the proper flow and structure as in the normal site in CQ5.4.

            And also how i genertae the reusable components from it.

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              MatheusOliveira Level 1

              Himanshu Jain,


                 You can input data on the SiteMap filed, in the import site tool. You need to input space indented organization for your site, like the images bellow:


                     CQ5.4 SiteMap.jpg


                     CQ5.4 SiteMap2.jpg


                    Now, to generate reusable components... This is a lot more hard. You see, there is already a lot of components ready to use, you only need

              to include a parsys on your imported site then you can use the ones that Adobe/Day already build for us. However, I do not recomend to you work with imported sites, because it will be a lot hard to edit the pages design as you wish. This is an advice that someone gave me here in the forums weeks ago and now I can, by experience, tell to other people.


                     There is a easy way to create e website starting from an already build website content, and you can see this guide here: http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/howto/website_quick.html


                   You need to use CQ5.4 to do step by step on this guide, because of the Content Loader that is no more on the CQ 5.5


                   Anyway, good luck with your project.