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    Finding Center

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      If i open a new .psd file of any size and i have guide lock on, I get lock lines as i move and object twards the center of the canvas.


      So how do you get ps to place guides (H&W) at the center of any doc.


      The guides do not lock to a center when i pull them from the ruler. I can not figure out a way to make the ruler show zero at a center point and go =/- out from a zero center point like a number line either.


      So, How do i find the center of a doc?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Make new vertical and horizontal guides at 50pc  (50 %).  In fact make an action that does that, and then drags the ruler zeros to the center.

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            Shan-Dysigns Level 2

            I had this problem once. I think it was eventually corrected when I reset my preferences. Hold down Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys as you are starting Photoshop. Confirm you want to reset preferences. You will need to rebuild your workspace, any shortcut keys, etc.


            But before you do that, you can always click on the background layer (make sure it's not locked), hit Ctrl + T (for transform), then you should be able to drag guidelines to the center both ways. Then hit enter or esc to get out of the transform.


            Keep in mind if your dimensions are of an odd number, those guidelines will be in between pixels. I usually try to make my canvas dimensions even numbers if I'm going to be doing any alignments. If some things are aligned in between pixels, their edges could suffer a little from the anti-aliasing when you export.

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              Use this linked action tutorial which i have found useful.



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                Shan-Dysigns Level 2

                I'm not sure why one would need an action for something you can do manually in 2 seconds?

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                  TomLoneStar Level 1

                  Maybe there is two way to skin a cat. Sorry that an action may offend. No brainer though since nano second is faster than 2.

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                    Shan-Dysigns Level 2

                    Maybe there is two way to skin a cat


                    Correct - the manual, easy way and the unnecessary way.


                    Why not create a script to open a new, blank document? It seems there are a lot of people wanting to use all these various scripts to do the most mundane tasks. If you want to convolute a panel with a lot of unnecessary actions, so be it.


                    Well, I'm not sure where you thought I was offended, but certainly you can't navigate to the actions panel, find, then click the action all in a "nano second". The OP can do whichever method they want.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      There are ALWAYS multiple ways to get things done. Just tossing out different ideas on how to do it isn't a big deal - it gives people ideas.


                      Shan, what may seem unnecessary to you could be something that another person would like assigned to a key because they do it all the time.  Surely you can see that.



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                        Shan-Dysigns Level 2

                        Of course I can see that.


                        If the OP has been a member of these forums since 2009, I would have thought this particular topic would have been addressed many, many years ago if it was simply a matter of "how to". I read this post as a matter of "why is it not working all of a sudden" - which if that's the case, the solution is to find out why this is happening and not all the different ways to automatically place guidelines on the canvas. When the OP said


                        The guides do not lock to a center when i pull them from the ruler


                        that led me to believe this wasn't a matter of explaining HOW to place guidelines in the center, but WHY the guidelines weren't snapping to center. Maybe it's just a simple matter of the "Snap" option not being selected (under VIEW) in the menu panel. This is how I read the topic. This is why I was questioning all the suggestions as to the different methods.


                        I was stating my opinion I think it's unnecessary to have a script do something one should be doing without even thinking about it. I'm certainly not telling people what they should and shouldn't do.

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                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                          There are many was to skin a cat in Ps, the fastest way to find the center of a layer, for instance, is to show the transform controls on the Move tool's Option bar.

                          Do indeed check the view>snap options that are selected.

                          To have guides that snap to the tick marks, hold down shift as you drag them. To change the units, right-click on the rulers.

                          Click and drag the area on the top left of the rulers 0,0point to move it where you want on the image.


                          Hope this helps.

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            When I find I'm wanting to explain on a forum exactly why I answered things in a certain way I've learned it's usually a sign that it's time to take a deep breath and relax.  What folks write here is not that serious, and we all understand that we all are only human. 


                            Please understand I'm not criticizing your advice nor trying to one-up you, Shan - I don't believe anyone is - we're all just merely giving friendly advice and there's room for everyone.  Not everyone will agree, but there's really no need for stress. 



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                              PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                              Indeed. Whenever one is about to send a nastygram, or make a harsh reply, it's a good time to make a break, and reply later.

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                                Shan-Dysigns Level 2

                                I've always wondered how people can read "tone" in ones text. I certainly don't feel criticized. When I take the time to try and explain my words is when I feel people are misreading me. I have a habit of trying to get directly to the matter (which some read as being short, curt, and sometimes arrogant). Words are only a small percentage of ones demeanor, and I'm certainly not pulling out my hair or about to have a heart attack when I use words like "maddening". They are just words. I don't believe anyone is physically trying to one-up me - when I made that comment (somewhere I don't remember), it was concerning T Dennis. He set me off - as he set a lot of people off - in that one thread which has grown legs many times over. When people like that rub me, I get animated and that sometimes inadvertently spills over to other threads. I don't think there is anything wrong with one trying to explain their words - it just means I don't want people to misunderstand my intensions. I usually don't get nasty until one has been nasty to others (or especially me). I find it odd I'm really not saying anything different than others in here, yet my replies seem to get converted to being nasty. I understand there are those in here who live on these forums and want to maintain a sense of ownership - I get that - I get there are some who always want to be the first responders (regardless of topic) and want to have the highest post numbers versus really answering the question - I get that, but just because my profile says 2009, that certainly doesn't mean I'm only 3 years experienced. Noel, you yourself said you like to stir [you know what] up sometimes. Maybe I do too in a sense when I think people are being nasty to one another. My fault is once I stick up for someone, I'm ususally the one they turn on because all of a sudden I'm the nasty guy. Maybe after I hit X amount of posts I will be looked at differently. I cerntainly was under my last name which was from 2004 maybe? Anyway, I'm moving on. Maybe these forums are just too crowded these days...

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                                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                                  Your advice is always welcome here, as is everyone's!  I really hope you "find your center" and don't move on. 


                                  While I occasionally poke fun (Lundberg's good for bringing that out in me) to try to lighten the mood when it starts to turn sour, I always try to keep in mind it's important to focus on the subject being talked about, not the people doing the talking or how they're talking about it.


                                  Regarding which words to use...  I generally dislike this statement, but it seems to fit:  Perception is reality.



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                                    Shan-Dysigns Level 2

                                    I really hope you "find your center" and don't move on


                                    I find my center by dragging from the ruler and not a script My original comment was merely an overall view about scripts versus doing it manually.


                                    Anyway, all is fine. I just need to learn to tune out all that rubs me.

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                                      preditorj40153117 Level 1

                                      Arrgh !! Meanest... Insult...... Condesending statement........ Acne.


                                      I think thats pretty VISCERAL. I may have missed a 4 letter word but i will bring that to the next post as i have plenty saved up now. hahahaha:-D


                                      I appreciate all of these post. Finding center is something i have rarely had to do in PS, but i have been getting jobs with specs and desciption like -50pt from 0,0 on Y axis and suff like if its in quadrant 1 then place "Integrity" -200pt on X axis from the center text... and those are the understandable ones. The liason has a deeeeeeeep accent and prefer to use math to comunicate.


                                      Go Figure. I don't wnat to make him feel like he cant comunicate or that i cant do math but he bases everything on 0,0.


                                      Thanks i have many way to use now.



                                      By the way, not everyone uses every part of PS. Its one of the most versitile tools in a designers, FX specialist, developers, or editors tool box. We all use it differently. my friend whos been using it for 4 years never use the lasso or clone stamp tools.

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                                        emil emil Level 4

                                        you can position numerically anything that can have transform box around it by choosing the reference point and typing the x and y coordinates in the options bar and you don't even need any guides for that. The Transform box can be applied to the selected pixels or the selections themselves, layer's transparency, shapes, paths, etc.

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                                          preditorj40153117 Level 1

                                          Oh My My..


                                          now that is a hot tip. I just did it that.  i just made the plus charactor and zero'ed it in a jiffy. NIiiiiice:-)