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    Icon View and Importing – always this slow?

    cullipher Level 1

      I’ve been on FCP for about 11 years now... before that, I was on AVID MC for about 8yrs. I’ve purchased a PC laptop in hopes of cutting my ties to Apple... but maybe it's not enough?


      I’m demoing Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 and AVID MC/Symphony. I’m kinda digging Premiere and think I will find it as useful as After Effects and my replacement for FCP/Apple. The editing process is quite the same, but some basics like icon view and the time it takes to get media in Adobe is painful. The source footage for this project is in h.264 and was shot on a Canon DSLR. I first copied the media from the sd card to the local hd. I then imported the media into Premiere… it was almost as slow as capturing in real time. And the icon view… the time it takes for the system to build a thumbnail for each of the 145 clips is far too long… and it does this every time I reopen the project. Basic functionality like this is a must have… and a deal breaker without it. Maybe I am doing something wrong… any suggestions?



      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Intel Core i7-2670QM Quad-Core Sandy Bridge 2.2GHz

      8GB RAM

      750GB 7200RPM HDD

      NVIDIA Geforce GT555M 3GB

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Add at least two 7200 RPM SATA disks to your setup. That still leaves you with a system that is around 7 - 10 times slower than a  fast desktop, but is noticeably faster than the underspecced system you now have. One single disk will not do. Three physically different hard disks is the practical minimum for editing. If the system is still too slow after these additions, double the RAM to 16 GB.

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            cullipher Level 1

            Thank you for the feedback!


            I'm assuming it also has much to do with the way MAC OS and FCP7 deal with video vs. Windows and Adobe. Reason being, we have 12 MacBook Pros all running FCP7 with the following specs:


            Intel Core 2 Duo

            2.6Ghz (1) (2) Cores

            6MB Cache

            4GB Mem

            800 Bus

            GeForce 8600M



            These systems have much less power than the new Windows machine, but are much faster at processing video.


            Do you think a USB3 drive be as efficient as SATA? Reading around and found some comparison tests that suggest an external SATA may be best for video applications. http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=201628


            Still very hard to understand how and why our MacBooks seem to edit effortlessly with 1/2 the horsepower.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Because FCP will often convert from the original, heavily compressed media to ProRes, which requires less horsepower to edit, but more time before you can start editing (and more space on the hard drive).

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                cullipher Level 1

                Thank you for the feedback!


                Our workflow is: Media Card in Sony SXS Reader > Log and Transfer in FCP. Files remain XDCAM EX 1080i60 when shot on a EX3, and h.264 when shot on a Canon DSLR. Transfer time is less than 1/2 of realtime, and we're still using a rather slower transfer method... but again, no lagging or probs creating icons in thumbview in FCP on the older/slower macs. Again... thanks for all the feedback! It's unfortunate, but good to know that Adobe users are hear to provide the only means to customer support for Adobe products!