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    Internet Explorer ONLY passes parameters to Adobe Reader plugin for hosted files, not local



      <embed src="http://host.com/test.pdf#page=5"/>


      <embed src="test.pdf#page=5"/>

      Both code snippets above work when the HTML file is hosted (IIS / Apache).  My web-app needs to be able to run from a USB memory stick and work with IE9.  The #page param is required for a core feature of the app.


      Parameters after the # are passed correctly to the Adobe Reader plugin in Firefox for offline files, eg: file:///C:/test.htm.  The documentation only describes hosted examples: http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/pdf_open_parameters.pdf


      I have tried the <object> route as well with similar results, eg: http://pdfobject.com/


      I have burned over 8 hours looking for a solution. I have tried any logical settings in Adobe Reader X, and with the security zones in IE.  I am not very familiar with IE security zones, but I suspect it could be related to my issue.  I can specify the end-user change any browser or plugin settings as an acceptable solution.