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    Question about vlt and paths


      Hi all,


      I'm wrting a script to automate some of our current processes with regards to CQ. I'm new to CQ and learning as I go, so please excuse my general lack of understanding.


      I'm having problems running vlt opperations with explicit pathing. In the past, our devs would svn checkout their files to a directory, for example C:\day\May2012. They would then navigate to C:\day\May2012\ui/src/content/jcr_root and execute their vlt command (with vlt in the PATH env var):


      C:\day\May2012\ui/src/content/jcr_root>vlt --credentials admin:pwd co --filter ../META-INF/vault/filter.xml http://localhost:4502/crx --force


      The would then run the following:


      C:\day\May2012\ui/src/content/jcr_root>vlt add apps

      C:\day\May2012\ui/src/content/jcr_root>vlt add etc

      C:\day\May2012\ui/src/content/jcr_root>vlt commit


      where "apps" and "etc" were subdirectories in jcr_root. I'm trying to avoid using relative paths (or depending on being in a particular dir when executing vlt), and I'm generating all of the paths programmatically from the script.


      I have been able to re-write the checkout using explicit paths as follows:


      C:\day\author\vault-cli-2.4.24\bin\vlt --credentials admin:pwd co --filter C:\day\May2012\ui\src\content\META-INF\vault\filter.xml http://localhost:4502/crx --force C:\day\May2012\ui\src\content\jcr_root


      That appears to work. However when I re-write the others...


      C:\day\author\vault-cli-2.4.24\bin\vlt add C:\day\May2012\ui\src\content\jcr_root\apps


      I get an NPE: [ERROR] add: java.lang.NullPointerException: null


      Is there any way to run the vlt add without having to be in the parent directory to the files/directories you are trying to add? Am I missing something?


      We are running CQ 5.3 and I am trying to use vlt 2.4.24 (though they have traditionally used an older version, I'm assuming this ver is compatible with 5.3). Eventually this script will run in Win and Mac/Linux environments.


      Thanks for any and all help!