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    cs5 "local disc" and .js path issues

    Quahog68 Level 1

      Trying to add what appears to be a simple .js script to my doc:


      I add the script to my <head>, which then shows next to my Source Code and other scripts. But it doesn't work, and when I click to open the file there, I get the message 'not on local disc', and 'Get' which doesn't work either, even though the file is in my local file view/f8. One would think when the script name pops up next to Source Code, the doc. path is correct, but that obviously isn't the case. So what is the deal with this 'local disc'?


      I added a clearbox last week after pulling my hair out over the similar path issues, and after much trial and trib it finally worked. Would rather just like to understand it. Can anyone help? Thank you.


      The .js' Column' script I'm trying to add is here if it helps: http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/css/pvii_columns/index.htm