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    Data Merge causing rip to choke

    GeofferyH Level 1

      I have a newsletter cover (8.5" x 5.5" folded in half) that has an image on the front with an address that goes on the back. I figured if I put the image and other repeating elements on the master page and having just the address data on the document pages that that would make for a less "heavy" file. The result of the Data Merge is a 1,250 page document. I sent half of the document to the printer but it didn't want to print it.


      I am now sending it to the printer 100 pages at a time. Any suggestions to be able to print a multipage data merged file without having to send it in such small increments?






      MacPro 4-core, 8GB RAM, Snow, CS5 (7.0.4), Canon 9075 pro copier w/bustled Fiery