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    latest updates

    mobly Level 3

      Whats going on, I've done the mandatory updates,(had a bit of a glitch so was told to uninstall producer tools, builder and Adobe Air, did all that, re-installed everything. All fine, update my folio, to get and error message saying there is and update available, but you need to download the latest ACV from the App store, but we're not on V20 producer tools yet are we??




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          Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

          What components did you install? When you "reinstalled everything" did you explicitly ensure you downloaded the prior folio producer tools rather than the latest version?



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            mobly Level 3

            Hi Neil

            Gold support told me to re-install everything, so I'm afraid I kind of rushed it, glanced at the producer tool date, which was 5/2/2012 which for a Brit means 5th Feb, so not thinking properly, thought they were safe older tools to download, (like I said wasnt really thinking) so everything works fine but now on v20, so will need to go in and uninstall and replace with v19 again.