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    Custom Spacing in Mail Merge Multi Record Layout

    garisimola Level 1

      I am working on a 20k row list of numbers that I need to turn into 3.0"x0.75" labels. The printer is 26 wide (printable area) and I am looking to create 25.6"x22" sheets, with space in between each label for identification purposes. I have successfully created a 25.6"x11" document with .2 spacing between columns (8 across, 12 down) -- see example01. I would like to be able to create a bigger page size (25.6"x22") that would then be trimmed down after printing into sheets 6.4"x11" -- is it possible to make a bigger gap (example02) between the twelve on top and the twelve on the bottom of the sheet to allow for easier trimming at the 11" mark? any insight appreciated!






      Example 01:


      Example 02: