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    Selling a ‘Collection’ or 'Series' of Folios, not a subscription -- What are the Buying Options


      We have a collection of how-to books with illustrations and interactive features we want to publish using our Pro account. Each book is set up as a folio. The books are related to each other and are used as a resource set from the app. We want to offer a multi-folio app with the core of several folios loaded in advance, and then let each customer buy additional folios if they are needed or when they become available.


      -- Can we set up a multi-folio viewer app library to display only those folios that have been purchased? We would rather not have the library cluttered up with new folios with buy buttons that the customer might not want. We could put out a sample of each additional folio but we’d like the buy option to the full edition handled in a more discreet way.


      -- All marketing and sales will be from our website sending people to the Apple and Android app stores so we are not that concerned about sales initiated from the app. In most cases the day-to-day user/reader is not the purchaser or decision maker about the additional folios..


      -- Can we disable the archive button or have it bring up a dialog box with some options? I have read others have a problem with this also.



      Any suggestions?