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    Shaking footage after resize


      Hey guys,


      i have a problem with my Footage. I started a Premiere Pro Project and draged in a Video. But of this Video i wanted just an excerpt of it to be in the right lower corner, so i right clicked it and replaced it with an After Effects Composition. In this Composition, where the Footage was in fullscreen first i picked one corner and resized smaller and draged it onto the right lower corner. But as i played it, the footage became kind of shaky and unsteady. And when i got back to Premiere Pro, the "effect" was even harder. I rendered a short example for you guys, which you can see here http://www.vidup.de/v/Za3NV/


      What am i doing Wrong? I created the Sequence in Premiere Pro by draging my raw footage onto the "Create new object" so that the settings should fit. I really dont know what to do right here, i would love some advices.