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    Why can't I control how a form is distributed upon user completion and submission?


      I am paying for a subscription for a form that I could very well put online myself. I have had this form up for a while now and it is time consuming to constantly get on line to export and save to my pc. Then I have reconfigure the file so my distribution list can read without a long scroll to the side. I then open my mail box and attach the file to an email and distribute out.


      The main reason I took the time to set up this form was to avoid SSL service cost be able to AUTOmatically distribute to the emails of my choosing once the web user has completed and subbmitted the form. To top it all off. . . I can not use this service on my iPad. I just want the dadgum form to automatically send to a list of emails I choose. Oh and to export the exact way it looks on line.