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    Relative path in .fla file cause debugger not working?



      I've tried debuggers in Flash CS4 and FlashDevelop, both are not working due to relative path set in .fla file's publish setting.
      (File --> Publish setting --> Flash tab --> Script(S): ActionScript 3.0, press Setting --> set relative file path for source paths)
      (I'm using Chinese version of Flash CS4 so wordings might be wrong)


      My folder structure is like this:


      My package is cccc.asfolder1.asishere1.

      So I set ../.. in .fla file to locate cccc folder.
      (from flaishere.fla, and go back 2 levels, then arrives at cccc folder)

      But when I debug in FlashDevelop, all my break points set in asishere1.as are not triggered.
      I found the reason is that:
      the debugger is supposed to debug Z:/aaaa/bbbb/cccc/asfolder1/asishere1.as(#1), but it debugs Z:/aaaa/bbbb/cccc/../cccc/asfolder1/asishere1.as(#2) instead.
      So, it tries to debug in (#2), but there is no BPs set in(#2), so nothing happens.

      I found this by clicking error message in stack frame, and it opens a second asishere1.as in my IDE.
      I move the mouse cursor on the tab and it shows the file path as (#2).

      The problem could be solved if I use absolute file path in .fla file, i.e. replace ../.. byZ:/aaaa/bbbb, but my project should be portable so I still want to try relative path.

      The same problem appears in Flash CS4, all break points are useless unless I set absolute file path.
      If you click error message in stack frame of Flash CS4, it will open a file, it should be (#2) but the path shown is the same as (#1), so it's harder to notice this problem,
      All you can see is the debugger is not stopping on break points.


      Any way to solve this? Thanks!