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    1 Euro is not 1 US Dollar!!!


      Hi all,

      I'm not the first one on this issue, so, again, I understand the translation prices, I understand the taxes, I understand everything, but why in the world a CLOUD based service, without physical shipment can cost 50$ in the US and 61 Euros in Italy/Europe (and more in Australia)??? 50 USD is now 38 Eur, add the local taxes (in Italy is 21%) and we get 46 Euro, now add some 4 Euros for the glory of Adobe Europe, that's roughly 50 Euros, not 61!!! And the offer for your loyal customers is going from 30 USD (less than 23 EUR) to a nice 30 EUR + local taxes.


      C'mon Adobe, don't you think you are pushing a little too much?