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    Batch File Rename before OCR


      Hello, I have a semi Doc Mgmt SYstem happening.


      Steps are:

      1. scan to a network location.
      2. Run Adobe to regognise text
      3. save into a new location
      4. Then manually come alone and open the file, add comments, mets tags, mark up etc etc.  Rename the file, and put in a specific location based on its contents.


      I am trying to make a action to do steps 1/2/3 in batch.   It seems to work all ok, except if there are files in the new location the same name, and of course I do not want to overwrite them, i have just been lazy and not filed them yet.


      Is there a way, I can use JavaScript before step 1, to rename the files in the source location, maybe something like include "YYYY-MM-DD-" at the start of the file name, then they should never have the same file name as a destination file.





      P.S:  I am new to Acrobat Pro, as a side question, is there a way to run a Action from outside of Acrobat.  i.e. so I dont have to manually launch acrobat, then select my action, I can just run the action Icon or something like that.