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    Adobe Premier CS6


      The current CS5.5.2 Premiere does not fully support third party Matrox hardware on Mac OS, Does the new update CS6 support Matrox on Mac OS? Like features of Matrox effects and plugins ? Any update please let me know?



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          BVX3001 Level 1

          You have it backwards. The question is, does Matrox support CS6 with updated drivers yet?  As of a few days ago they did not for Windows machines. This seems to happen with every Adobe release.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Note that Premiere Pro CS6 hasn't even been released yet, so it's premature to criticize Matrox for not having drivers out for CS6 software.

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              BVX3001 Level 1

              I wasn't exactly criticizing Matrox regarding CS6, but just stating fact as passed on by my Adobe/HP/Matrox system integrator. Maybe "every" was a bit harsh. If I'm not mistaken CS5 was released with Matrox drivers in Beta during a period of basically "should work fine, but upgrade at your own risk."  Those of us anxious to get going with CS6 are obviously hoping that doesn' t happen this time.

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                mtv_99 Level 1

                Recently on Matrox forum, we raised a question on adobe 6 support on mac os with matrox mxo2, seems they are not in a position to confirm and they recommend using PC if you need all matrox features? But if adobe 6 and matrox both support mac os , why they cannot come up with all features like windows pc? i know thats a development part involved and takes time but now the matrox features integrated with adobe are missing in mac os for longer period. Matrox just works like an I/O card currently on mac os. This is just an update which we have noticed.