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    550D Footage playback stutter with fast cuts


      Hey guys,


      I'm having a lot of trouble getting PP to play my sequence smoothly. The footage is h.264 wrapped in a MOV container captured with my 550D (MagicLantern Firmware and 1.3x bitrate). The playback of an entire clip works perfectly fine. But when there are a lot of fast cuts, PP just chokes up and starts to stutter really bad.


      I have an elitbook with 4GB of RAM, a Quadro FX 550M and a 7200 RPM hdd in this puppy so I'm not sure what the problem is. I read somewhere that I should reimport all my clips with an .mpg extension but that would be a disaster for my sequnce which is already 70% done...





      I would like to note that mercury hardware playback doesn't make any difference