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    Need some tips on how flex 4.6 works in great lines.


      Hello, It has been some years ago when I worked with flex.


      I just started with flex 4.6 for mobile. I did some testing but could not really undertand the spark


      For example if you have a spark label and apply some text to it, you don't know the new label height as
      I traced out it's alway 0. Only when it's added to the stage you can trace it's height.

      All components seem to work differently with setting the width and height as I was used to Flex.


      Does this mean I have to add all elements
      I need first to the stage and then when loading external text reposition everything? I tried that, but then you see
      the first time a split second a strange layout and then it gets resized and repositioned.



      Does anyone have short description on how it supposed to work?