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    Highlight and group bookmarks

    Andreas Skjæmt Andersen

      Adobe Digital Editions - Possibility to highlight text and group bookmarks by topic (perhaps even across different books?)

      I have just begun using Adobe Digital Editions and am beginning to learn how to read books on the computer.


      I have learned how to add a bookmark to a sentence but is it possible to:


      - Highlight text without bookmarking it?
      - Group bookmarks by topics within the same book?
      - Group bookmarks by topics across different books in the library?


      I would also like the ability to print certain pages of the book to PDF for online sharing and hard print for finished books.
      Will my bookmarks show up on such prints? This is pretty important to me as I use the bookmarks to note thoughts and have a mentor look them over and guide me a bit further ahead.




      Andreas Skjæmt Andersen