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    Override default RSS / Atom Feed

    Chetanya Jain Level 1



      I have a created a base page for my app which inherits from the foundation/components/page. I want to customize the rss feed, so I have created the feed.jsp within the base page component of my app.


      When I access the link http://localhost:4502/content/<app>/page.feed.rss.xml, the feed is rendered based on the OOB feed.jsp and not from the custom feed.jsp. What is going wrong here? Am I missing any configuration?


      Also, is the feed & rss registed keywords? If so, where is it configured. Also instead of feed, I would like to use page.rss.xml or any other custom name, so how should it be configured? I tried creating a jsp (say hello.jsp) taking the code from feed.jsp, and when I access the url (page.hello.rss.xml) it does not get rendered. So what could be going wrong here.