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    Is there an equivalent to .aet


      We are just setting up Premiere CS 5.5 at work and hoping to move our workflow from Final Cut. We are predominantly After Effects designers and only use Final Cut to log and capture. We need to do this with extremely quick turnaround at times (live news environment) and with Final Cut you just load the software and you are ready to go.


      In Premiere you need to give a project name and choose project settings etc before you can do anything and the team just won't move to Premiere if that stays the case. Is there a way around this? Can I make Premiere load with default settings and project name? We rarely need to save the projects off, just capture and then use in AE. I have tried creating a project, saving it and using it as a template by locking the file and placing in the dock (on a mac). Unfortunately this is a little clumsy as if you do need to save the project it gives and error if you try to save instead of Save As. The team are less than technically proficient unfortunately and so this may happen a lot.


      One way way we do this in After Effects is by saving a file, then changing the filename extension from .AEP to .AET , this means it is a template and once loaded, if you hit Save instead of Save As, it still brings up the save box and forces you to Save As.


      Any workaround would be great as I would love for us to move to Premiere and then start to introduce dynamic link to the team once they are more comfortable. They don't like change! Even if it is a way of getting rid of the naming and creating a  project or use default sequence settings by default.


      Any help would be amazing.


      Thank You



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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Create a 'template project' that contains the commonly used bins, timelines

          and elements that will be needed in a standard project.

          When you start a new project, simply copy your template .pproj file to the

          proper directory and rename to match the current job's name.


          When you open the 'template' project you will not be greeted with the 'New Sequence' menu,

          and everything will be laid out in an identical manner as every other project you have.


          I take that one step further by creating a 'project template folder' that contains the

          directory structure and regularly used files (like slates, etc.) already in place.

          When a new job comes in I copy the entire folder (including the template .pproj file),

          and rename the folder and project name to match the job at hand.

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            lostintheriot Level 1

            Thank you for the workflow advice, it is great but unfortunately it does not solve our issue. At times we have to be ready to capture in minutes from another graphics source (such as Viz), then take that capture quicktime movie and then drop it in a shared folder on our storage for the editors to drop into a news piece that needs to go to air minutes later. We need the designers to just open the software and be capturing as quick as possible. This is what we do in Final Cut currently. There is no need to set up project folders etc as there is no project, this is all temporary as it is just a means of getting from one place to another. When it comes to some of our long term projects that involve using Premiere I will be using a large amount of your advice.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Create a PP project called Capture.  When you start PP, that will show in the recent projects list and you can just click on it.


              Use the Capture project to do your capturing.  When you're done, just close it.  Do not save any changes.  The newly captured media will remain on disk right where you captured it to.


              As you're only using PP for capturing and not editing, this should fit your needs.

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                joe bloe premiere Level 5
                ...only use Final Cut to log and capture.

                If you are capturing from HDV tape, using the free HDVSplit might be the simplest method.