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    Site properties set in Muse, appear wrong on the IPhone





      I am creating a mobile site of my desktop flash version. "www.go-film.de". I love the idea of creating websides without any coding experience. So I start to translate the flash version, in a lighter html IOS copy.

      It works perfect, except the fact that the screen always appears with a grey bg-bar on the right side. The site-properties in muse are 640x960 and the margins on all sides set to zero.

      This is a problem witch I can´t fix. Maybe it would be a good idea to put some presets for mobile devices. I searched the web for that issue, without any success.



      Maybe somebody out there can help?



      Greetings Oliver



      P.S. the script for the index html:


      <script language=javascript>


      if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') != -1) || 

      (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') != -1)) { 

      document.location = "http://www.go-film.de/IOS/"; 





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          Corey@Adobe Employee Moderator

          Hi Oliver,


          Muse is obviously well suited for building web sites for viewing on many different platforms and browsers. We've not announced formal support for mobile devices and tablets, but we continue to try to improve the code Muse generates to support these platforms.


          Once we see ourselves clear of the 1.0 release we would love to explore ways of making it easier for you to design both websites that work well across a wide variety of platforms as well as the ability for you to customize your website for specific platforms (example a very different design when the viewer is on a desktop machine, tablet or mobile phone).


          Please post your ideas about this in the Ideas for Features in Adobe Muse forum.


          Best regards,