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    Sync Issues (More info)

    steverup50 Level 1

      Additions to my post:


      I am using CS5. I imported clips shot on a XDCam at 1440x1080 29.97 fps. I set up a new project to match the resolution. After I import a folder with many clips, I clicked on the clip to watch it in source monitor. It is out of sync as are other clips. I brought clips into the timeline and played - they are out of sync. I have no idea why. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit, 8BG of RAM.


      I opened up the clips in an XD Cam browser and they play fine - in sync.


      Can someone offer assistance as to why they are out of sync in CS5, and how do I fix this?


      The camera the footage was shot on was a XD Cam that recorded to blu ray discs. After the transfer to my drive, they read as MXF files - not the usual BPAV folder with MP4 clips. Are these MXF files an issue for CS5?
      They all came in a 4 mono channel which I converted to stereo 2 channnels. But either way, mon or stereo, the clips are out of sync.


      Thanks, Steve