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    anybody know about the following error message? E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY


      Hi i am getting the error message above when trying to activiate digital editions and link with my ereader.

      I registered with adobe today, plugged the ereader in and it came up with this message after entering my log in details. I tried registering again with a different email address but same message again.


      I have tried to phoen adobe but the automated number asks for a serial number which i cant find on digitial editions anywhere. and i cant see any kind of email ro chat help available either.


      any help greatly appreciated!


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          Hi Ginger!


          Unfortunately, this 'ereader' stuff is more than plug-and-play.  It starts

          with techy stuff and then continues with some more techy stuff until you're

          reading the ebook.  The message you're getting tells me that something is

          messed up in the installation of either your ereader or your copy of ADE.


          You didn't tell us what kind of ereader you're using or your computer type

          and operating system.  I can't 'assume' what ereader your have, but let me

          'assume' that you've got a PC running Windows 7.  Here goes....


          If the ereader isn't registered, Adobe may generate the message you're

          getting. You should make sure that your ereader has been registered with

          its website.  For simplicity, use the same ID and password for this as you

          used to register with Adobe when you downloaded and installed ADE.

          Sometimes when you do this, the ereader website updates the software

          located on the ereader (not ADE - that's on your computer).  And some of

          these updates cause problems later on.

          Once you have done the registration bit, you 'should' be ready to download

          ebooks to your computer via ADE, and then transfer them to your ereader.

          You go to the ebook website and follow their directions for downloading.

          During that process, the website should activate ADE on your computer

          automagically, and then you'll be asked what to do with the ebook: 'open'

          it or 'save' it.  I suggest saving it.  If you choose 'open', the ebook

          will be downloaded, but ADE will open it to read on your computer, and the

          ebook won't appear in your library.  If you choose 'save', then the ebook

          will be saved and entered in your ADE library.  That's the basic process.


          Using the ereader isn't supposed to be hard either.  You would plug it into

          your computer and make sure that the computer 'sees' it attached.  The

          ereader should have a drive letter if you display your computer's

          information using My Computer or Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer),

          and the ereader should display a message saying that it's connected to the

          computer.  After this is done, you can start ADE.  During its startup

          process, ADE will look for attached ereaders, and when it is finished

          starting up, it will display the ereader on the bookshelf part (the left

          panel) of its Library view.  Now the easy part.  You just drag and drop the

          ebook you want to transfer from your ADE library to the ereader on the



          Adobe help is not necessarily helpful.  You don't have a serial number

          because ADE is a free product.  The Adobe tech's sometimes don't want to

          help you because ADE is a free product, and will tell you that you'll have

          to pay for service.  Baloney.  If you get someone on the phone or in a chat

          session, tell them that you are a Digital Editions user, and that help for

          this product is free from Adobe.


          Hope this helps!