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    Digital Editions Problems?


      As a new and already disappointed user of Adobe Digital Editions I would like to highlight the problems I have encountered.


      If anyone can help me with these it would be great. Adobe Help sent me to the forums...


      1. my Sony PRS-T1 E-reader is not recognised.
      2. Having bought a book from the Academic Publishers “Librairie  Droz” in Geneva when I tried to add it to my Digital Editions library due to the DRM used I get the message: “This version of Digital Editions does not support password-protected documents.”
      3. I use hundreds of PDFs from Academic archives such as JSTOR, Google Books and Europeana and many other research libraries. I was excited about the possibility of Digital Editions being  a solution to managing my digital text archive. However, as the Digital Editions library can only use the information provided by the creator of a PDF, which can sometimes be simply a number it becomes yet another chaotic repository and thus to be avoided. Were the individual user able to supplement and correct if needs be the name and author data of each file then the utility of Adobe Digital Editions would be hugely enhanced.

      If you can resolve these sort of issues then I can see Digital Edition being  a great resource for Academics, Teachers and Students.

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          ADE's limitations are spelled out in its HELP section.  It is intended for

          individual users and pleasure reading, not adademicians or heavy users of

          research materials.  So in that sense, you are correct in 'exposing' its

          limitations.  Simply put, I think you've chosen the wrong tool, but the

          tool you chose works wonderfully within its parameters.  And although I

          have no connection with Adobe, I doubt very much that they would consider

          expanding ADE's capabilities to cover your scenario.  They have enough

          challenges keeping up with the technology within their envelope.


          Most libraries use Overdrive software, and that may do the trick for you.

          There are other offerings available that you could try, such as Calibre or

          Bluefire Reader, that may have fewer limitations in your environment.  Many

          academic communities I know of use other software as well.   I'd contact

          the library/sources that you're dealing with and see if there's an

          alternative that will work better for you.



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            jjoie Level 1

            Thanks for clarifying and solving my problems. I guess I figured biggest is

            best, and I didn't think I wanted do anything that out of the ordinary -

            buying books, downloading free ones and archiving according them to name

            and title.

            Thanks again.