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    openexr renderpasses from Maya are black in photoshop


      You can render passes in Maya that split up a beauty image into layers like reflection, diffuse, specular etc.

      One option is to save these passes in float openexr files(for ultimate color fidelity).

      The beauty exr file reads just fine in photoshop.

      The render passes however show up as black in photoshop even though they are not as verified by imf_disp,

      a viewer program that comes with Maya.


      I know the problem is that the header in the renderpass openexr file is the name of the "renderpass"(eg "specular") as opposed

      to RGBA.


      The solution for me has been to use a program that comes with Maya called imf_copy to replace the headers of the renderpass files.


      in windows I use the following command line:


      "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\imf_copy.exe" specular.1.exr specular_forphotoshop.1.exr


      This results in the new file specular_forphotoshop.1.exr which is no longer black when opened with photoshop.