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    Surround Output Monitoring

    rickg1949 Level 1

      What would be preventing my system from outputting surround audio from Audition?  Creative SBX-fi Extreme Music, Windows7Pro, tested setup in Windows and all speakers reproduce perfectly.  Audition's preferences only give me ASIO Front L/R for mapping choices and a hardware choice of MME or ASIO, both only give me two speakers.  I'm sure it's a simple thing that my old brain is missing.  Thanks, rg

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          ryclark Level 6

          No, I'm afraid not. The only way you get full surround sound out of your Creative soundcard is if the audio file is already encoded as Dolby Digital or, perhaps, DTS. The Creative card decodes this to your 5.1 surround channels. Audition outputs six separate audio streams for which you need a multichannel soundcard which has multichannel drivers. The Creative one doesn't AFAIAA.

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            rickg1949 Level 1

            Well, I finally did get (means, learn) the output assignments to work.  It now places sound effects where I want them and I can pan audio pretty much 360 degrees.  Being a video guy, this is a tool I don't use very often.  Now just want to learn how to get Premiere's output in my full surround system.  Thanks, rg