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    Debugging is BROKEN. Can't launch debug more than a couple of time. (says it can't delete swf file)

    matteosistisette Level 1

      I do this:

      - open a project

      - start debugging it

      - my code throws some error, so execution stops and I can see the error backtrace

      - stop debugging (I click the stop button, then I even click "remove all terminated launches")

      - edit some of the .as files and save

      - try debugging again.


      I get an error message saying thet the project has errors, whether I want to debug anyway. My code has no compile error. The only error that appears in "problems" is:


      xxx.swf: cannot access file. The file is in use by another project.


      If I choose to procede anyway, the debug is launched but the project has not been recompiled (obviously) and the older version prior to changes is run.


      If I manually clean the project I get the error:

        cannot delete xxx.swf



      where xxxx.swf is the main swf of the application.



      OBVIOUSLY no other process is using the swf file except FlashBuilder itself.


      No way I can get debugging to work. I have to close Flash Builder, restart it, then I can debug the project. Once. Because the next time I edit something and try to debug again, i get this nonsense error again.



      Is there a fix for this bug that renders Flash Builder useless?