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    variables that could affect PDF bookmarks?

    rlauriston Level 1

      I have a FrameMaker ExtendScript that sets conditional text for PDF, updates the book, generates PDF, sets conditional text for online help, and updates the book. It's a minor variation on<FM10_INSTALL_DIR>\Samples\ScriptsAndUtilities\Conditional Text\FM_Outputs_CondText.jsx.


      This morning I noticed that the PDF had no bookmarks. I ran the script again and this time, as usual, the bookmarks were there.


      Any ideas of what variables could have caused FrameMaker / Distiller to leave out the bookmarks? I have not changed any preferences in FrameMaker. The default printer was and is set to Adobe PDF. I have not made any changes to the FrameMaker project.


      TCS 3.5, FrameMaker 10 and Acrobat X Pro with all updates, Windows 7 64-bit.